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Douillet-le-Joly  was on the road of the pilgrims who went to the « Mont-Saint-Michel » or to

« Saint jacques de Compostelle ». These russet sandstone crosses marked out their course.

(The pilgrimages took place starting from Xth



An agricultural estate was established there in the

Vth century.


Up to the revolution of 1789, the village was made up of the Lord’s estates.

The « fief of Moré » is perhaps the oldest of these estates(XIIIth century). The castle was built in a picturesque

location on a hill dominating the river Sarthe.

Private residence.              


In the XIXth century,  Douillet-le-Joly not only lived on the trade of farming and breeding but also on industry:

There were:

- three corn mills,

- a copper rolling mill

and about 50 weaving mills.


In 1844, the commune had a population of 1220 inhabitants.

Around the year 150 AD, the wild rocks of Douillet-le-Joly became the center of a community.

In the same way, Plessis-Breton was formerly a fortified castle. The only remains is the round

tower of the current house. 

Private residence.

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